Mammoth from Ice Age Cave Wall
Mammoth from Ice
Age Cave Wall
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Only what is really oneself has the power to heal.” C.G. Jung

Adults who come to my practice bring a variety of concerns including persistent sadness, excessive worry, feelings of isolation, marital or other interpersonal problems, challenges with work, divorce-related problems, parenting issues, problems handling frustration and anger, inhibitions of creativity, alcohol and drug problems, questions about vocation or self-identity, and more.

My background as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist are informed by a relational and practical orientation. Additional training and education as a Jungian analyst have given me a particularly strong ability to work in an open, generative way with adults who are facing questions of meaning in their lives. The deeper work integrates dimensions of conscious and unconscious experience, the relation of the individual to the collective, and the integration of dreams, as well as creative and spiritual processes. I also have years of experience helping separated and divorced parents who want to develop or improve their co-parental relationship. In addition, I see other psychotherapists for supervision and consultation.

Working with children and adolescents has always been a vital part of my practice. I use a combination of play and talk therapy to help kids ages 3 – 18 who are having difficulty at school or home with behavior, peer relationships and learning. We work together, including consultations with parents, to find ways to constructively and creatively face the fear, sadness, anger, and confusion that can become overwhelming at times. In each case, a helping, supportive, trusting relationship needs to be formed, along with an individualized understanding of the child and his or her family. Always the approach to helping must be sensitive, reflective, supportive and attuned to the individual’s unique needs.

To set up an appointment please contact me by phone at (510) 207 1082 or send an email to me via the contacts page.