Steve Zemmelman, Ph.D.


My practice is grounded in a unique synthesis of contemporary neuroscience, developmental psychology and ancient wisdom traditions. The purpose of my work is to help people find and develop a deeper, more fulfilling connection with their inner nature and their relationships with others.

I am a seasoned psychotherapist, Jungian psychoanalyst, professor and writer who is committed to working with people who are intelligent, creative and spiritually-oriented – and who find themselves:

  • Repeating patterns of self-defeating behavior
  • Living with a sense of meaninglessness or alienation
  • Feeling persistent sadness, anger or confusion
  • Having trouble with moving past a difficult or painful life situation

Often these issues are complicated by other factors including echoes from a history of trauma, abuse, sexual problems, illness, family problems, depression, divorce, child custody problems, problems with attention and focus, drug and alcohol abuse, grief, and other factors. I help people change what is not working in their lives through understanding the specific nature of the problem and then learning how to make use of the vast psychological, emotional, creative, and spiritual resources within them that will support development into the person they are capable of becoming. The work I do with patients is a direct reflection of my doctoral and post-doctoral studies but even more so my own path of individuation, the name given by Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung to the process of finding the “still small voice” within that can guide each of us toward integration and wholeness.