Dr. Steve Zemmelman
Dr. Steve Zemmelman

I am a psychotherapist and Jungian analyst who works with children, adolescents, individual adults and couples. I have been licensed as a clinical social worker (license # LCS 10933) for over thirty years. My education includes a bachelors degree from U.C. Berkeley in philosophy, a masters in social welfare from UCLA and a doctorate in clinical social work from the California Institute for Clinical Social Work. In addition, I earned certification as a Jungian analyst in 2009 and as a Jungian child and adolescent analyst in 2016.

In addition to my ongoing work as a psychotherapist and analyst, I also enjoy teaching and writing. I am an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco, core faculty member at the Sanville Institute for Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapy, adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and a clinical supervisor at The Psychotherapy Institute. If you are interested, you can see my publications under the publications tab on my website.

In my career I have been allowed into the hearts and minds of people at all points in the arc of life – children, adolescents, younger and older adults, and couples who are working to have a more satisfying, loving relationship. While the work is always focused first and foremost on helping others, along the way it has also become an expression of my own individuation journey, the term C.G. Jung used to refer to the process of becoming one’s true self. It is my great privilege to assist people in discovering and walking their unique individuation path, as I follow my own.

To set up an appointment please contact me by phone at (415) 563-6040 or (510) 869-5099 or send an email to me via the contacts page.